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"The best investment on earth is earth."

Louis Glickman
Alimama Realty Inc. is a comprehensive professional services organization that helps global Chinese invest in Canadian real estate projects.
We help Canadian investors, immigrants and parents to invest in Canadian real estate through one-stop services including pre-research, bargaining and post-tracking.

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Owning a home is a keystone of wealth… both financial affluence and emotional security

Suze Orman
Our team has 25 years of Canadian real estate And the investment experience of home buyers, lawyers, certified public accountants industry background, and with Canada's top developers of strategic cooperative relations, to provide customers with first-line real estate resources;
We believe that through continuous efforts and pursuit, we will be able to bring the world's most valuable Chinese apartment investment projects, you become the most trusted Canadian property investment partners.

Why Choose Us?

We’re effective

Efficiency - Respond to customer needs, to meet customer requirements as fast as possible.

We’re Punctual

Accurate - first-hand detailed, real, accurate and objective information

We have magic

Magic - the first-class project promotion and investment recommendation, value for money

We love our clients

Love - the first level of execution, insight into the observation, timely and accurate judgment

We’re responsible

Responsible - the first-class expertise, the entire process to ensure that the interests of customers

We're Friendly

Friendly - the best wholeheartedly, friendly, attentive service

What people say?

Bought two sets of condos through our company, and has been submitted the units timely. Since the customer was staying in China, all the work, including the election of rooms, showings, handover, was completed by our company’s home buyers. Customers’ evaluation to our company: Professional and with Integrity

What people say?

先是通过我公司联系的移民公司,办理移民手续。移民成功后购置的物业。这个案例 充分显示了我公司全面的业务能力。客户对我公司的评价也很高,他认为我公司是一家以地产买 卖为核心产业,以上游和下游业务为辅助的综合性公司,未来前途光明。

What people say?

通过我公司购买了三处物业,包括condo楼花,townhouse现房和house的楼花,分别 用于自主,投资和经营使用。我公司多次和某女士交流,合理分配她的预算资金,力争花好每一 分钱,力求最小的投资取得最大的回报。经过近一个月的努力,某女士买到了心仪的物业。该女 士认为我公司的服务很到位和贴心,置业顾问专业和细致,能设身处地为客户着想。

Latest Projects All projects

Downtown | 10 December
The project is the third phase of the Bayside Toronto project, which is the largest and most multifunctional community to date, jointly developed by Tridel, Canada's leading luxury residential complex, and Hines, an international real estate company, in the Lake District of Toronto. The total investment of $ 1.1 billion, took 10 years, is the first downtown Toronto residential, business and culture as one of the Lakeside community.
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Toronto | 9 December
The Fontana project is located in the center of Wanjin City, with the advantage of convenient traffic and high appreciation potential. And is Wanjin elite school district, with IBM, HONEYWELL, AMD ... and other high-tech companies. Wanjin Theater and Wanjin Municipal Center are just a few minutes away. The Main Street Cultural Street and Golf Course are within easy reach. Comprehensive life function rich and diverse, shopping and entertainment are readily available, is the modern city life will be an ideal place for human culture.
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The Lakefront
Downtown | 7 December
The Lakefront project is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, on Lake Ontario's lakeshore, the second phase of Concord CityPlace, developed by the renowned developer Concord Adex. After the first phase of the project The Lakeshore hot, the developer launched a more high-quality second-floor king.
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